My writing

As well my blog Write with Phil, I also write novels and scripts. Below are links to some of my work. There are also some links to my work and (where relevant) how you can get your hands on them. I’m really proud of all my work, and hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. If you would like to contact me about collaborations on novels or scripts, please use my contact form.

My Novels

The Unjudged

Below is the cover for my first novel, “The Unjudged.” It is available on on Amazon – order here!

phil hurst writer the unjudged book cover


Paige Grimwood is fleeing justice. At home, however, she will only find more trouble.

The Tumi government controls of most England. Crime and lawlessness is a thing of the past due to the reckoners, a police force armed with weapons that can capture souls. Cromer is one of the few places yet to join the new order, protected by The Unjudged, a resistance group determined to prevent the town’s assimilation.

To escape the reckoners, Paige must confront The Unjudged. Criminals, rejects and outcasts, they are determined to force the reckoners back. And they are eager to recruit Paige to their cause.When she realises her family is heavily invested in the upcoming conflict, Paige is forced to take a side.

She must choose whether to support The Unjudged’s violent rebellion, or the government that promises stability and calm – but would control her soul forever.

And out in the North Sea, a victim of the Tumi government floats towards Cromer beach, dead but somehow alive and conscious, slowly becoming a weapon that will change the world.

The Unjudged is a fast paced science-fiction adventure story from debut novelist Phil Hurst, The Unjudged: The Battle for Cromer will be the first in a series chronicling a world where the government has the power to judge you not just during your time on Earth, but after it.


My plays

I’ve been writing scripts for years – back in 2011 I completed a Master at Queens University Belfast, specialising in script writing. If you’d like to see more, let me know.

More for the Sharks

phil hurst writer plays more for the sharksCast: 2 male, 2 female

Two mercenaries guard the Seychelles against pirate attacks. But when they are threatened their loyalty to each other falls away as they scramble for survival.


Plastic flowers

phil hurst writer plays plastic flowersCast: 2 female, 1 male

What if politicians offered voucher deals? Faced with a difficult upcoming election, Ellen must make a difficult decision. Does she fight a fair fight and probably lose, or use the dirty tricks suggested by her aide?




Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Cover

Cast: Numerous

The classic fairy tale, written as a pantomime for the stage. First performed by the Orpen Players in 2018.

Sample coming soon.