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The best notebook apps for writers

Is the old fashioned notebook dead? Probably not, if most of the writers I talk to are a representative sample. There’s something about scribbling things down on a piece of paper rather than tapping them out on a screen. However, there may come a time when you want to upgrade your notes to a digital format, so I’ve put together a guide to the best notebook apps for writers.

*Some of the list below are affiliate links, but everything included on this list is here on merit. My own experience with these things can be limited though – does anyone want to help me with any future posts? Learn more about contributing here.

Best for Office integration. 


This is the app that I use the most. Although it’s definitely not the most forward looking app on the list, it’s avaible on just about every platform you can think of and does a solid job.

The best bit about OneNote is how easily it syncs with other Microsoft products. I got into it because I use it at work, and just expanded it to include my notes for my writing.

I can’t test how well the app works without an Office subscription I’m afraid as I don’t think I’ve been without office since the 90s.

You can download OneNote for Apple products here*, here for Android and here for Windows.

Best for Google/Android integration.

Google Keep

Google Home integration makes this a great option for a writer not as quick with the keyboard. You can simply chat away to the Google Home and it’ll happily record your words, letting you listen back to them later. No more getting ideas in the middle of cooking dinner and forgetting by the time the food is on the table!

Aside from that, Keep has really good chrome and Android intergration (as you’d expect for a Google product). It’s more difficult to use Office documents in your notes though, so be prepared to use Google Docs more if you want to go down this route. In fact, windows integration is pretty poor in general, I can’t find it on the store to link to!

The best bit about this app? It’s totally free. There’s no added subscription options or premium version.

Download Keep for Apple here* and Android here.

Best 3rd Party


To the best of my knowledge, Evernote hasn’t been bought out by any of the tech giants just yet, although it’s probably just a matter of time.

This was my go to note taking app before my office switched to OneNote. It’s versatile, appearing on almost every ecosystem.

To get the best out of it (like drawing on PDFs etc), you’ll need to upgrade to its premium version, which is why I haven’t recommended this one straight out of the box.

Also,Ii found that the app can get clunky, especially the desktop app. If you have a slower machine it can take a while to get going.

Get Evernote here for Apple*, Android and Windows.

Other notebook apps for writers

There’s loads of notebook apps for writers out there. Have you found one created especially for writers? Or have you created one? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message through my contact page.