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Write with Phil Book Cover

Write with Phil

Coming soon, a new non-fiction book which brings together the best of my blog for the last two years. It’s as yet untitled, but will soon be available on Amazon. 

More details coming soon.

Other websites

Medium website logo


I have written on Medium since 2017. A number of my posts are locked to Medium’s subscriber system, but others are available for free. Have a look at my writing on Medium by clicking below.

The Creative Penn

I was featured on Joanna Penn’s website, the Creative Penn.  Joanna is something of an institution with new writers online, so it was an honour to be featured!  There’s loads of information on there for writers.

Bang2Write logo


I asked Lucy Hayes who runs Bang2Write if I could write her a guest post. She kindly agreed, and you can read it using the link below.

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Scrivener Virgin

I answered some questions on Scrivener Virgin in 2018. I use Scrivener off and on, and this was a good opportunity to guest post, and think about my own process.

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