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Stage/theatre scripts

Cover for Plastic flowers, a play by Phil Hurst

Plastic Flowers

Cast: 2 female, 1 male

What if politicians offered voucher deals? Faced with a difficult upcoming election, Ellen must make a difficult decision. Does she fight a fair fight and probably lose, or use the dirty tricks suggested by her aide?

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Cover for More for the Sharks, a play by Phil Hurst

More for the Sharks

Cast: 2 male, 2 female

Two mercenaries guard the Seychelles against pirate attacks. But when they are threatened, their loyalty to each other falls away as they scramble for survival.

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sleeping beauty by Phil Hurst

Sleeping Beauty

Cast: Numerous

The classic fairy tale, written as a pantomime for the stage. First performed by the Orpen Players in 2018.

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