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Want to contribute?

I’m looking for others to contribute to my site! Have you seen my new page on the site? I’m keen to make sure that this blog doesn’t just become about me (maybe I should have picked a different name). If you have a burning desire to write me a post, please get in touch using …

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Prep for NaNoWriMo

If you are, like me, getting some prep for Nanowrimo in, I thought I’d give some quick tips to help you out and get ready for NaNoWriMo month, which is nearly upon us! (Disclaimer – I’ve not done NaNoWriMo before but I’ve taken part in a few 24 hour play events and had the experience …

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Start writing after time away from the keyboard

Are you struggling to start writing after a long time away from the keyboard (or notebook)? Can you figure out why? It isn’t writer’s block. There are 3 things that you do to motivate yourself. 3 things that lead to real, tangible outcomes. Here’s what you do. Give yourself a target. Make yourself accountable. Reward your successes. …

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