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Tales From The Whale

Tales From The Whale

What is it?

I’m trying something new. Each week in 2021, I’ll be building a brand new sci-fi universe.

By signing up, throughout 2021, you’ll receive a weekly standalone flash fiction story based on the sci-fi world of The Whale. Each story will be under 1500 words – perfect for a quick moment of escapism whenever suits you.

You’ll see this new sci-fi universe grow and evolve in a way unlike anything you’ve seen before. It will be a challenge for me – but I’m looking forward to exploring the twists and turns of the story as we go.

For those who miss the start, don’t worry. When you sign up I’ll send you links to each chapter online, so you can binge read until you catch up with everyone else.

You can find out more about The Whale and the people within it below.

I look forward to sharing this world with you.