Write with Phil during NanoWriMo 2017

Help during NanoWriMo 2017: Write with Phil

NanoWriMo 2017 on Write with Phil

There are just 6 days left until the start of NanoWriMo 2017. There will be thousands of people across the world writing until smoke starts to rise from the keyboard. Hundreds of novels will be completed, and afterwards the entire writing community will breath a sigh of relief.


The whole thing is huge. Over 300,000 people tackled the challenge in 2016 (according to NanoWriMo’s stats). Of course, not everyone who starts will finish. Over 1,500 words a day is a huge effort, especially if you work full time. Last year, my wedding preparation took a significant step backwards as I spent Sunday mornings chained to my laptop.

So this year, as Write with Phil becomes more and more popular, I have put together a little help package to get my readers through the NanoWriMo 2017 challenge. It will also be the busiest month on the site so far, with double the usual number of posts.

At the same time, I’m going to be writing my novel. You can follow me and add me as a writing buddy – my name is phursty.

Write with Phil advice posts

You will notice a slight change to this site over the coming month. I will post tips as usual on a Sunday (which you can get in your inbox if you sign up). In keeping with the NanoWriMo theme of speed I will concentrate on tools and tips for speeding up your word count. Do you want to contribute? I have some of them in place already, but if you want to help me out then do get in touch.

Last year was my first year completing the challenge, and it was a real inspiration to me to finally get an idea on paper that I had ages ago. I followed my own advice and managed the final word count, with the final book clocking in at about 56,000 words.

Advice from other writers

I’m really excited about this. As well as the usual advice posts, I’ve been in touch with some writer friends of mine, who have agreed to share some of their wisdom and processes, with the aim of inspiring you. I’ve seen some of their answers and I can tell you that I’m already inspired!

Confirmed so far are novelist Debbie Young and screenwriter Tim Loane, with a couple of surprise guests to come.

Good luck everyone!







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