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Writing Advice: buy my new book and get personalised flash fiction!

I’m pleased to announce that, after a huge amount of work, the Write with Phil book, Writing Advice, is available for pre-order from Amazon! And I’ve decided to promote the book in an extremely silly way. Personalised stories!

The offer

I will pledge to write any purchasers of the book a short, 50 word piece of flash fiction. Totally made up, totally for them. It’s the least I can do. To get this freebie, all you have to do is:

  1. Buy or pre-order the book on Amazon
  2. Subscribe to my mailing list
  3. Write a review on Amazon
  4. Send me an email or message with one item or place you want the story to include.

And I’ll send my response to you as soon as possible. Depending on the numbers of books I sell depends on how quickly I’ll get the story to you. The more books I sell the longer it will take. But, for the first few, you can expect a pretty quick turnaround.

About Writing Advice (the blurb)

This book is for writers struggling with productivity, lacking motivation or confused and distracted by those around them.  I was fed up of ‘write more’ being given as the best writing advice. That doesn’t really help! So I started my own book. Offering tips and ideas to improve your writing practice, each chapter solves a problem I came across when writing my novels and plays. Although I’ve taken my blog (available at writewithphil.com) as inspiration, I re-worked each of the chapters to make it worth your money, and to create a fresh look at the craft of writing.

Why call it Writing Advice?

I’m also aware that there are thousands of writing books around. I had a lot of titles scribbled down for this book, but instead I went with something plain and simple. Something that people would just search for, and would point towards my book. It’s not imaginative, but by calling it Writing Advice I’m hoping that new people will find it and try it out. Then they’ll come and join the gang at WWP.

A long road

This is my first non-fiction book. While it started as a quick job to get the blog into a book form, it became something quite different. I had 12 month’s of posts to dig through – over 60 blog posts – and chopping them down into a 20,000ish word book took a lot of perseverance. There were posts that I loved, but couldn’t fit in with the tone of the book. There were posts I realised I hated, and considered taking them down from the blog altogether.

There was also work to be done on the text itself. Many of my posts were directed at the reader. There were a lot of ‘you’ and ‘you should.’ This was the way I put the blog together in 2018, and you can see some examples of that here. For the book I wanted to change the tone, to make it more friendly for readers who aren’t on my mailing list, and don’t know me or my writing.

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